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Swish us a football by swishing 50 SEK to 123 615 11 38
If you swish 200 SEK an entire team gets footballs!
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We will get back to you on the deadline date with the total sum you've raised as well as a video with thanks where our football girls in the community or country you've chosen thanks you, wishes 'Happy Birthday' and sings 'Happy Birthday' to the birthday boy/girl. The total sum raised will not be mentioned in the video.
Example of what you can tell your friends - feel free to copy and adapt!
"It's (Name)'s/my birthday, and instead of birthday presents we/I would appreciate a donation to the organisation Futebol dá força so that girls all over the world (or your choice of country/community) can play football and reach their dreams!

Donate by swishing to 123 615 11 38 or use their bankgiro 0171-5531, or donate with your card at When donating write "NameXX" (Name and years, for example if the birthday girl's name is Anna and she turns 40 years old, write "Anna40" when donating."
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yes, she can!
For all awesome football supporters out there:
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that you stand up for girls' rights!
All revenues from our merchandise finance our non-profit programs
empowering girls' rights and opportunities - one football session at a time.
Our impact
We are one of the world's largest football organisations and a social movement
that will change the world.

We offer leadership training with high impact methods, coaching and a support network to leaders in our community around the world.

We empower girls by improving their self-esteem and knowledge about their rights, as well as equipping them with tools to improve their own future prospects.

We work in communities engaging local stakeholders to change structures and attitudes that today prevent girls from reaching their full potential.

Our growing Movement reaches countries worldwide giving leaders power, knowledge and tools to empower girls anywhere in the world.
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