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10 years of impact
Donate so that girls can become aspiring students and football stars instead of brides and mothers!
Donate to empower girls - far beyond the football field
€10 enables 10 training sessions with Futebol dá força certified coaches for 300 girls,
empowering them with a safe space on the football field
and support to shape their own future far beyond the field ❤️
Support girls' rights to be children, to go to school and to reach their dreams - on the football field and beyond!
We need your help to safeguard our work in Mozambique, where Futebol dá força started 10 years ago and where we now risk suspension of activities that might turn girls into brides and mothers instead of aspiring students.

2022 marks our 10th anniversary and following two years without football due to the pandemic, this year we hit the pitch with more enthusiasm than ever with nearly 20,000 girls in Mozambique alone. 99% of our girls go to school and continue to secondary school, compared to only 10% of girls that do not play football with us. Through our evidence based methodology and support structure built into our football teams, we prevent child marriages and teenage pregnancies with less than 1% of our girls entering into child marriage or becoming teenage mothers - compared to more than 50% of girls that do not play football with us.

Our Mozambican football league, the Mutola Cup, is integrated in the national school curriculum and serves as an educational platform and support structure to advance girls' education, rights and their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), so that girls can make informed decisions and shape their own future.

We are now due to celebrate the district and regional finals, however we are still struggling with funding following the aftermath of the Covid 19-pandemic. Because of this we won't be able to conclude this season - and this season's education - for our girls without your contribution.
If we do not conclude this year's league, we are facing the risk of our league and educational platform being withdrawn from the national school curriculum - and with it girls' possibility to sexuality education and increased knowledge and agency around their rights. Your contribution could save the work we've built up in the last 10 years and save all the work to be carried out this year and so many years to come.
Help us empower thousands of girls and ensure that the Mutola Cup can continue for years to come!

Mozambique is our home, it is where FDF was founded and it is with many small streams that we have built Futebol dá força over the last 10 years, so whatever the size of your contribution, it is immensely appreciated and will translate into great football and ensure that girls can be children in school instead of brides and mothers out of school.
Donate so that girls can be aspiring students and football stars instead of brides and mothers!
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