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FDF for Business
We have taken our competence, experience and methods from our non-profit work and adapted them for businesses to create FDF for Business. We enable companies to work with equality, inclusion and diversity, making businesses more inclusive and value driven through talks, workshops, leadership trainings and consulting.

By doing so, businesses can join our movement of change - and we can at the same time generate revenues that finance our non-profit work. Today we finance 50% of our global girls' empowerment programs through working with leaders in public, private and civil sector with the same methods and leadership philosophy to make their colleagues and businesses thrive. Win-win!
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High quality, carried out professionally, with a high level of participation.
I definitely give the leadership training the highest possible rating!
— Kenneth Persson, Chairman of the Sustainability Committee, Municipality of Borlänge, Sweden
Leadership Training
Empowering your leaders to unleash the potential of your organisation.
Futebol dá força trains leaders in private, public and civil sector in value based and inclusive leadership. The leadership training is based on FDF:s methods for inclusive leadership, applicable human rights and the latest research from neuroscience and social psychology.

The course is a 2 x 6 hrs interactive, challenging and inspiring training. Our goal is for you to leave the training ready to make an impact with your leadership from day one after the training.
As a participant you will:

  • Understand your values and how they influence your leadership and the people you lead
  • Learn practical methods and tools to use your leadership to empower and include the people you lead
  • Learn how to lead a diverse team to success
  • Learn to trust your leadership and let trust guide your leadership
  • Learn practical methods and tools for inclusive leadership promoting gender equality, diversity and social equity

With the right tools and leadership skills, you can become a change agent creating better teams and results.
    Talks & Workshops
    We also give talks and host workshops on inclusive value based leadership, gender equality, diversity and social equity - and how you can lead change.

    We inspire - and inspire to action, giving you tools to put your inspiration and knowledge into practice.
    To change the world, we partner with leading businesses at the forefront of their industry.

    Do you share our drive to create simple solutions for the world's most pressing challenges, in an entrepreneurial and dynamic way?

    Join our community of change makers!
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    Associate your brand with leadership, social entrepreneurship,
    change, development, gender equality, inclusion, diversity,
    strength, empowerment, positive role models, health, community
    and engagement for your society - at home and in the world.

    And by joining us, you can do more than just talk about it.
    You're part of it for real.
    Why partner with us?
    Together with our partners we create unique projects drawing on the synergy effects of a mutually beneficial partnership, to maximize the positive outcomes from the partnership for both of us.

    Increase your brand awareness and create engagement among your co-workers and fans
    - as well as impact both at home and in the world.
    Real empowerment
    We empower leaders at grassroots level, enabling them to lead change in their local communities, and empower girls and people along the sidelines. We engage you, your co-workers and fans to be part of this inspiring community by creating direct impact at your workplace, in your local community and in the world.
    Knowledge turns practice
    Our high-impact methods and personal coaching turn knowledge into practice enabling leaders to start making a difference the day after the leadership training - both in our own programs and at your workplace through FDF for Business.
    Global concept
    Increase your brand awareness and create engagement among your fans
    - at home and in the world! Our methods work irrespective of the local context, and we are flexible and easily adapt our work to the local context and conditions
    - so you can have an impact in your
    local community and worldwide.
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