Futebol dá força: a social movement empowering girls through football
- to thrive in life!
We are social movement that is changing the world.
About us
A world where all girls are empowered, and have
the opportunity, to make informed decisions and
live a life they value.
Building long-lasting systemic impact by engaging
leaders and role models as football coaches and maximising their potential in developing girls' agency
and leading change in their local communities.
Our impact
We are a social movement
that is changing the world.
Our Story
Our founder Cecilia Safaee tells the story
of how Futebol dá força began.
What we do
We enable leaders to empower girls
and change social norms in their local communities.
We enable leaders
We engage, train and support voluntary leaders on-site and online all over the world to create impact at grassroots level by empowering girls and changing harmful attitudes and norms in their
local communities.
We empower girls
Our leaders create safe spaces for girls on the football field, applying our methodology and tools to empower girls with agency enabling them to make informed decisions to live a life they value.
We enable change
in local communities
Our leaders work together with local stakeholders; football clubs, schools and community organisations, changing attitudes and norms in their communities that today prevent girls from reaching their full potential.
Why football?
Football can in itself constitute an important mechanism in girls' development, improving girls' physical health and mental well-being as well as developing their cognitive and social skills.

Football also provides an effective platform for mobilisation, communication and outreach as the world's most played sport and a universal language engaging millions of people all over the world. When harnessing the power of football and maximising the impact leaders and football coaches can have in empowering girls, both on and off the football field, we enable football coaches, and the football structure, to positively contribute to an inclusive development in society in general.
the problem
Girls lack the possibility to
make strategic life choices
Girls all over the world lack equal opportunities to exercise their rights and choice in strategic life choices, limiting their agency and opportunities to make informed decisions in the interest of their well-being and to
live a life they value.
Girls are not given equal opportunities to exercise their rights or to develop their full potential.
Girls do not have equal access to safe spaces within sports, or to role models, that can support them to develop and live healthy lives.
Girls especially lack safe spaces where they can develop confidence and agency around sexual and reproductive health and rights.
of women globally between 20-24 years old were married or in an informal union before the age of 18, resulting in lost childhoods, early unwanted pregnancies and school drop outs (UN, 2018).
of girls globally meet the WHO physical activity recommendations to live a healthy live - highly correlated with girls' lack of mental wellbeing (WHO, 2018).
of adolescent girls aged 15 to 19 who have ever been in a sexual relationship experienced physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner (UN, 2018).
"I started Futebol dá força when I was 19 years old and ended up coaching a girls' football team in Mozambique in southern Africa. There I met coaches saying things like "My best player got pregnant when she was 13 years old, so now we don't score as many goals, we don't win as many games". Obviously, that's a problem for a football coach - we want to win our games… But what they were really describing were structural challenges to girls' development, but they were describing them with the sense of urgency of wanting to win their next game. That became the starting point for Futebol dá força, harnessing the power and sense of urgency of football coaches, equipping them with evidence-based knowledge and tools to also tackle the norms and attitudes that today prevent girls from exercising all their rights and getting equal opportunities to develop."
- Cecilia Safaee, founder

Taking Futebol dá força to every football field worldwide
Providing girls with equal opportunities to exercise their rights and choice in strategic life choices, requires working both directly with girls as well as with the structures and social norms that influence girls' opportunities.

Working within football provides a scalable low-threshold and resource-effective platform for mobilisation and engagement to address girls' lack of equal opportunities and implement effective strategies to empower girls and enable communities to support girls' development, and eventually a more inclusive and equal development in society in general.
Contribution to the SDGs
Futebol dá força works within football in order to contribute to a gender equal and inclusive development in society in general. Our work is aligned with and aims at contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.
Award-winning innovation and
methods with proven impact
Futebol dá força has received recognition through many awards and prizes, among others by the H.M. the Swedish Crown Princess Couple and H.M. the King of Sweden.
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