equality, diversity
and inclusion
We offer leadership trainings, workshops and talks to accelerate your work with equality, diversity and inclusion through our methodology and lessons learned from the football field.
Through Força Business - a Futebol dá força Foundation social enterprise - we lead meaningful change and impact in business while accelerating equality and inclusion across the world, with all revenue re-invested in the non-profit Futebol dá força Foundation. Read more at
FDF for Business
Through FDF for Business we share our lessons learned from the football field, where we work with value based leadership, to build strong teams and lead teams with high levels of diversity towards the same goal, creating a high level of engagement within the team making it successful - while enabling all individuals within the team to develop with a high level of well-being. Be inspired by our leadership philosophy and methods to strengthen your team and develop your organisation to reach your strategic goals more efficiently and successfully, with a strong value based culture giving you a fun time along the way with a high level of engagement and trust within the team.

By adapting our leadership philosophy and methods to businesses, we gain a larger arena to create the positive sustainable development we strive towards, while at the same time generating an income from our talks and workshops within FDF for Business that directly finances our non-profit programs - thus enabling you to empower and develop your own organisation and your co-workers, but also enabling us to empower girls and develop their future prospects on football fields around the world!
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What our clients say about our talks and workshops
"Great speaker and a very good cause. Do book Cecilia Safaee as a speaker and promote her work. I got some real insights which will help me become a better leader."
Carl Frögelius
CEO, Oracle Sweden & Senior Director
Technology Systems BU Sweden
"The workshop we had with FDF for Business at Smarteyes was very appreciated and gave us a lot of insights! We take with us that the values Smarteyes stand for can't lead to a good culture if only management stands for them. All co-workers need to feel that they can lead based on our values, and everyone must feel that they make a difference in increasing engagement and individual development."
Sandra Paulsson
Digital Manager, Smarteyes
"An impressive talk! Cecilia Safaee is a very talented speaker, that with her will to make the world better got us both to laugh and cry. She catches the audience and gives inspiration that I myself also can do things to change and improve the world.
Once again – a big thank you for a very insightful talk!"
Ulrika Jorsell
Project Coordinator, Swedish Golf Federation
"High quality, carried out professionally, with a high level of participation. I definitely give the leadership training the highest possible rating!"
Kenneth Persson
Chairman of the Labor & Social Services Committee,
Municipality of Borlänge, Sweden
We help you thrive by putting your values into action
Together with our clients we customize talks and workshops to suit your unique context, giving you inspiration, knowledge, evidence-based methods and leaving you with a clear and practical know-how of how to put the inspiration and
knowledge into practice.
Values-Based Leadership
Learn why values are important to your business strategy and how you can lead based on your values embedding your organisation's values among management and co-workers to create a strong culture that promotes what your organisation stands for and puts your values into action.
The Power of Diversity
Learn how you can lead team with a high level of diversity towards the same goal and reach better results, with a strong culture in the team to create the innovation, creativity and productivity that can be reached through diversity - and harness the success that comes with real diversity by decreasing the dark sides of it: conflicts, friction and inefficiency.
Building Strong Teams
Learn how you can create engagement among management and co-workers, strengthen you internal collaboration and build a strong culture based on values that leverage business outcomes, promote engagement, creativity, innovation and leadership among all co-workers - all the way from your coffee break to the customer.
Be Inspired to Change the World
Book our founder Cecilia Safaee and be inspired by lessons learned and methods from the football field, giving you tools to work strategically with value based leadership!
"A successful strategy is build on values
and culture, not numbers"
- Cecilia Safaee
Cecilia Safaee is a young entrepreneur and founder of the international non-profit organisation Futebol dá forca (Football gives strength). They engage, train and empower voluntary leaders and football coaches around the world to create safe spaces where they empower girls with agency and support to reach their full potential. Today they work in 25 countries, on-site and online, with 1.500 voluntary leaders empowering 17.000 girls. Applying their leadership approach and methods to businesses, Cecilia also launched a for-profit branch, FDF for Business, working through talks and workshops to harness the power of diversity to leverage teams and their business outcomes, while at the same time financing the non-profit programs. Cecilia has been awarded several prizes for her work, and is today a frequently engaged speaker and advisor in both private and civil sector.
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