Frequently asked questions
How can I get engaged?
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I want to be a volunteer with Futebol dá força. Can I?
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I do not have any football experience, can I become a
FDF-leader anyway?
Yes, of course - we'll provide you with everything you need to know even if you don't know anything about football! It's simple - join us by signing up here!
How old are the girls you work with?
We target girls during childhood, with a child defined by the WHO as 'a person 19 years or younger'. We engage girls from about 6-7 years old until they are over 20 years old. However, the majority of our girls are between 11-16 years old. This is also the age group that we aim the most at since we in that age can have the greatest impact on a girl's future prospects.
What do you mean when you say that you only work with girls and women?
We work with anyone that define themselves as a girl, including transgender girls, as well as with non-binary children and also to some extent, in particular during transition, with transgender boys.

However, to change the world, we need everyone's help. Therefore, anyone can get engaged in Futebol dá força - however always with the goal to create safe places for people that define themselves as girls.
Do you pay your leaders?
No, we do not. However, a few of our leaders have remunerated positions in the football clubs where they are active, independently of us.
How is Futebol dá força financed?
Alongside our non-profit work, we also run a for-profit branch - FDF for Business - which has the same goal and vision as Futebol dá força as a whole. Our goal is to be an independent organization, financed to the greatest extent possible through our own revenues. Today, FDF for Business accounts for 50% of our global budget. The remaining 50% is financed through grants & donations from long-term sustainable public institutions, grant-giving foundations and sports entities, such as Swedish Ministry of Public Health, UEFA Foundation for Children among others.
How do I know that the money I donate to Futebol dá força ends up where I want it to?
If you have donated to a specific cause that we have had a campaign for, the money will be used for that specific cause. If you want to donate to a specific cause that is close to your heart, let us know prior to your donation and we will make sure that your donation finances that specific cause. You can also mark your payment with the specific cause and we will make sure that the money will be used for that cause. You can request us to send you a confirmation of how your donation has been used since we track all donations in our system, and it's easy to follow where every donation ends up.
How does FDF for Business work?
FDF for Business is the for-profit branch of Futebol dá força, which has the same goal and vision as Futebol dá força as a whole. In FDF for Business, we've taken our competence, experience and methods from our non-profit and adapted them for businesses. Through talks, workshops, leadership trainings and consulting, we help businesses work with equality, inclusion and diversity making them more inclusive and value driven. By doing so, businesses can join our movement of change - and we can at the same time generate revenues that finance our non-profit. Everyone working with FDF for Business is a FDF team member, which also enables us to be very flexible and give our partners a tailored set-up based on their conditions and ambitions - when and where they want.
What about the boys? They need this too!
A vast number of leaders within Futebol dá força also coach boys' football teams applying our methodology just as when working with girls. We firmly believe that boys need leaders that empower them both on and off the football field, just as girls do. Furthermore, since the norms and expectations that society puts on boys and men are one of the root causes for the structures that prevent girls and women from accessing equal rights and opportunities, addressing these are key in empowering girls. Therefore, for any effort towards changing social norms around gender equality to be effective, it requires involving boys and men as well as girls, women and non-binary individuals. This is why we view our work with enabling change within local communities as one of the most important aspects of what we do.

However, our core work focuses on empowering girls directly, and if we were to shift our focus - and resources - from girls to boys, to work directly with boys as well, we would become a part of the structure that we are striving to change. Therefore, we only work directly with girls, but with leaders that empower boys on the way by coaching boys' teams as well as girls' teams, and through their work within their local community engaging girls' family members and others in the local community, predominantly men and boys, to play a vital role in changing social norms that today prevent girls from reaching their full potential within football and in society in general.
How do you count the number of leaders, girls and communities in the organisation?
We count the leaders that have taken part in our leadership training, on-site or online, and are part of our global network, and the girls they coach on a regular basis. We simply count the number of girls registered in our football leagues or football teams that our leaders train on a regular basis (i.e. that participate in almost every training session). We do not count girls that show up and participate in our activites irregularly (i.e. every once in a while), even though they are of course considered part of our teams when they do show up. When we count communities, we count the number of communities where the coaches and girls are active (where the football teams practice). All numbers are always current - thus we do not count those that have been active in previous years when we state how many people are engaged in Futebol dá força.
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