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From Futebol dá força to Força Foundation: Stepping into a new era of empowerment and leadership

For over a decade we have pioneered inclusive leadership and developed our evidence-based methodology to catalyse girls’ empowerment through football. We’ve been working on the ground on all continents in 30 countries in around 1000 local communities to lead behaviour change and strengthen girls’ rights and opportunities, one football session at a time.

More than 161 181 girls have through our certified coaches built knowledge and agency around their rights, with tools to shape their own future. Less than 1% of our football playing girls are forced to enter into child marriage, compared to 17% that do not play football with us. More than 99% of our football playing girls continue to secondary school, compared to only 37% that do not play football with us.

We strive towards this being the normal for all girls everywhere. To make that a reality we are now transforming Futebol dá força into Força Foundation: a global educational institute for sports coaches. We’re taking our methodology to every sports field across the world through Força Academy, that offers evidence-based training and support to build inclusive leadership in and through sports to empower girls.

To further accelerate girls’ empowerment, we will continue to run Força Grassroots programs in selected countries across Africa. We will continue to expand the program that started on a dirt pitch in Mozambique in 2012, and that today serves as our Center of Reference and an integral part of the Mozambican public school curriculum with proven impact in retaining girls in school, and enabling them to thrive in life.

As we now embark on a new journey transforming Futebol dá força into Força Foundation, Kadia Sow Mbaye will take the lead as our first non-founding CEO. Kadia has been working with us for the last six years in different positions focused on developing our methodology and operations, most recently as COO.

"Leading Força Foundation into this new journey fills me with pride and gratitude. Together, we'll continue to champion inclusive leadership and empower girls worldwide, ensuring that, through sport, every young woman has the opportunity to lead a happy and healthy life." says Kadia Sow.

“Kadia has been a great asset in developing our operations worldwide in the last years, and I cannot think of a better successor to lead us into this new journey with a steadfast commitment to our values and mission, to continue to build inclusive leadership in and through sports.” says founder Cecilia Safaee.

Founder Cecilia Safaee continues as Chairperson to lead the Board of the Foundation, having been re-elected at the last annual board meeting. Co-founder Sara ‘Sarita’ Jacob Simone continues as CEO of our Center of Reference in Mozambique.