Futebol dá FORÇA's leadership training & certification Part 2:
SRHR for Football Coaches Module 3
1. Talking About Sex with Young People
How can we create safe places where all players feels welcome and safe, regardless of their bodies, feelings and identities? How can we talk about sex with young people and support them in their sexuality - even when this is taboo in our community and culture?
2. Finding Your Good Feeling
In order for us to have experiences and relationships that makes us feel good - and to avoid sexualisation and what feels bad - we need to know what good feels like. Through the exercise in this video, you will be able to find your good feeling which will make it easier to recognise, listen to and act upon.

This exercise is easy to use with your players, regardless of their age. The exercise can be used both to develop their own understanding of themselves, their feelings and build their self-esteem, as well as to find out how they do feel about different things, such as how they feel about being part of the team, how they feel prior to a game etc. This can help you identify where your players need your support.
3. Consent & Safe Sex
When we know our good feeling - we are also able to understand what feels good for us in a sexual relationship. But it's also important that it feels good not only for you, but also for your partner.
This is why consent is so important! And if we don't talk about consent, it won't happen - so let's talk about it!
3. Talking about SRHR on the Football Field
So, how do we now take all of this with us out on the football field? How can you talk about sexual and reproductive health and rights on the football field with your team?

This video gives you three tools for how to talk about these important topics on the football field and with your players.
Take a few minutes to reflect around how you can start incorporating these important conversations with your players. Bring your reflection to the third certification session.

To complete Module 3, participate in the third certification session on Zoom.
You find the link in the WhatsApp group for your training.