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As a certified leader within Futebol dá força,
you get access to our leadership training,
ongoing support and inspiration to
lead change in your local community.
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High Impact Tools
We offer evidence-based online leadership training by empowering leaders with knowledge and practical tools that have proven impact.
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Personal Support
All leaders receive unlimited personal coaching and support to develop their full potential and apply tools with high impact in their local context.
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Global Community
We offer a global community of leaders with a shared purpose and mission, enabling them to develop as leaders with continued learning and inspiration from each other.
How it works
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Part I: Values-based Leadership
A training giving you knowledge and tools for how to understand your values and use them effectively in your leadership, how to create a safe space and a positive social environment to empower your players' self-esteem, self-confidence and health, and include girls irrespective of their background or household income.
Deepen your learning with exercises
Throughout the video-based training you will get the opportunity to deepen your learning with exercises and questions that make you reflect and track your own development.
Become a certified leader through
interactive live sessions
At the end of each module there is a live certification session where we get together through an interactive zoom video call to deepen your knowledge and connect with other leaders.
Part II: Football Coaching
Video-based training with exercises and inter-active live sessions
A training based on the FIFA C-licence Diploma that gives you knowledge and tools to develop football players and create a good learning environment. The Football Coaching Training gives you knowledge around children's learning process and how you can plan training sessions to meet players' individual needs and lead their development as football players from a child's rights' perspective.
Part III: Sexual and Reproductive
Health and Rights for Football Coaches
Video-based training with exercises and inter-active live sessions
A training that enables you to understand why sexual and reproductive health and rights is an essential part of your players' lives and development, and that strengthens your ability to create a safe and respectful space to strengthen your players' self-esteem, and understand and facilitate conversations around topics that matter to your players development and wellbeing, and how you can support them to live healthy lives, as well as prevent violence and sexual abuse.
You're a certified leader!
You get your digital certificate, and become a part of our global community of leaders where we provide you with ongoing
support and inspiration to empower girls through football!
Why join our community?
Joining our certification program gives you knowledge, inspiration, high impact tools and a support structure to lead change in your community.
All our facilitators have practical experience from the field and global leadership experience.
IRL Training Online
The leadership training takes place online but in person, giving you an in-real-life experience irrespective of where in the world you are.
We provide unlimited personal coaching to support you in your mission as a leader.
Free & Unlimited
Joining the movement is free of charge and you can use all features unlimited as long as you are part of the movement.
You become part of our global community where you can share experiences with leaders that share your purpose and continue to develop together.
Develop Further
You always have the opportunity to develop further with the movement getting more engaged to develop both yourself as a leader and Futebol dá força as an organisation.
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