Our Values

Everyone's equal value, rights and potential
We believe in everyone's equal value, rights and potential. Everyone has equal value and rights, and should have the same opportunities to access their full potential. Everyone can do great things if they are aware of their potential and also have the possibility to explore it.

Determined courage
We know where we want to go, and we are on our way there. We have the courage and determination to be different, to dare to change and to lead change. We have the strength to always stand up for our values and to continue making our vision reality.

Transparent co-creation
We invite and include everyone to create what Futebol dá força is - what we do, how we do it and why we do it. We trust that everyone can contribute, and that the more people that join in and co-create what we do, the stronger we will be. To be able to co-create, we base our work on equality, inclusion, trust and transparency. We do this because we know that we are stronger together.

Sustainable change
We lead change and strive to be a bridge between an old world and a new one, where everyone is included. We are here to stay, but our goal is that what we do will be done without us doing it. We therefore incorporate what we do in local structures to create a sustainable platform to make our vision reality. Since we lead change and work in an ever-changing environment, we have to be flexible, entrepreneurial and adapt to local circumstances. By basing our work on co-creation, we can be everything we need to be and also make sure that we are relevant in the local contexts where we work.

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