FDF for Business

Our world is developing fast. Today, we see innovation, disruptive technology and increasing movement in a pace that never seems to slow down.

Traditionally, leadership positions have been given to those with most knowledge in the field of business. However, today the one with the most knowledge is the one that can google it fastest. When the development pace continues to increase steadily, the knowledge you have in the field becomes less important - simply because things change too fast. What becomes increasingly more important is your leadership and your ability to lead and navigate in that change.

As a leader you need to acquire the ability to empower your co-workers to reach their full potential irrespective of their gender, skin color, religion, sexual orientation or identity, age or physical ability. You need to understand how you can get your diverse team to move in the right direction - even if you don’t know in what direction that is. And you don’t need that tomorrow, you need it today.

Leadership Training
After five years of leading successful global change, Futebol dá força trains leaders in private, public and civil sector in value based and inclusive leadership. The leadership training is based on FDF:s methods for inclusive leadership, applicable human rights and the latest research from neuroscience and social psychology.

As a participant you will:

  • Understand your values and how they influence your leadership and the people you lead;
  • Learn practical methods and tools to use your leadership to empower and include the people you lead;
  • Learn how to lead a diverse team to success;
  • Learn to trust your leadership and let trust guide your leadership;
  • Learn practical methods and tools for inclusive leadership promoting gender equality, diversity and social equity.

The course is a 2 x 6 hrs interactive, challenging and inspiring training.
Our goal is for you to leave the training ready to make an impact with your leadership from day one after the training.

With the right tools and leadership skills, you can become a change agent creating better teams and results.

Talks and workshops
Do you want to feel inspired? And do you actually want to make something of that inspiration?

We also give talks and host workshops on inclusive value based leadership, gender equality, diversity and social equity - and how you can lead change.

We inspire - and inspire to action giving you tools to put your inspiration and knowledge into practice.

For more information, contact [email protected].

By the way, all revenues from FDF for Business are directly invested in our non-profit so we can do more change for girls around the world - while enabling you to do the same!

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