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Through our global initiative FDF Movement we enable anyone anywhere in the world to join our movement of change at no cost and participate in our leadership training online and then become a part of our global network of leaders where you get support, coaching and inspiration to empower girls through football with our methods in your local community!

Currently we are training FDF Movement leaders in Bangladesh, Congo-Brazzaville, Finland, Kenya, Liberia, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Tanzania, USA and Zimbabwe. And leaders from another 25 countries are ready to get started in 2018!

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Futebol dá força was founded in Mozambique's capital Maputo in 2012 by Cecilia Andrén Nyström and Sara 'Sarita' Jacob Simone, and since then we have built up programs all over the country. It was in Mozambique that our methodology developed to then spread to other countries in the world. The development and the programs in Mozambique are led by Sarita who works hard to promote and strengthen the rights that she was not given herself as a young girl.

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Futebol dá força Sweden started in 2013 when our founder Cecilia Andrén Nyström returned to her country of birth after starting up Futebol dá força in Mozambique and realized that our work is just as necessary in Sweden as anywhere else:

"We have the same problems here in Sweden, we are just better at hiding them, or just good at not talking about them."

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Futebol dá força came to Zambia in 2013, starting off with one team coached by Jairos Kaoma and Mike Ndebele inspired by Futebol dá força in Mozambique. Since then, Jairos and Mike have led the development and they now run Futebol dá força in Zambia with programs all over Southern Province. And that is exactly what Futebol dá força is all about: that every one of us can change the world – starting on the football field and then further in life. It's as simple as that, as Jairos puts it:

"It is all about confidence, and telling yourself that you can do it. And then you do it."

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