Empowering girls' rights and opportunities one football session at a time.

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What we do

We empower leadersRead more about us »

We empower leaders

We empower leaders so that they with knowledge, tools and confidence can lead change.

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We empower playersRead more about us »

We empower players

We empower players to reach their full potential and to transform their dreams into goals.

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We empower communitiesRead more about us »

We empower communities

We empower communities by changing attitudes and structures that prevent equal rights and opportunities.

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Empowering leaders who empower girls and communities, enabling them to reach their future dreams, starting on the football field - and further in life!


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Awarded 'Motivator of the Year' at the Swedish Sports Gala 2017!

Cecilia Andrén Nyström is awarded the "Kompassrosen" 2014 by H. M. The King of Sweden

Cecilia Andrén Nyström is awarded with Kompassrosen 2014 by the King of Swedens's Foundation for Young Leadership in the nonprofit sector for her courage in decision-making and her long-term responsibility for running a sustainable organisation that has changed the world for thousands of girls who receive knowledge, a belief in themselves and good values through football as a platform.

FDF-Team in Södertälje is awarded at the sports gala in Sweden

During the Swedish Sports Gala 2015, Futebol dá Força Team Södertälje was awarded 2015 year's athletic scholarship for children and youth from Swedbank "for their efforts to help young people grow and develop in sports and social activities." In this film which was shown at the gala, you can meet Santa and Stefani, FDF leaders and coaches of a girls soccer team in Södertälje, and get an insight into Futebol dá força's work around Sweden and in the world.